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Ron's Seasonal Services

Services We Offer

Quality and professionalism are first when it comes to the services we provide. We work together with our customers, using our trusted knowledge to make your yard beautiful. Browse the list below to learn more about what we offer.

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Residential Properties

Enhance your yard

When you work with us, you can expect reliability, timeliness and exceptional work. Services available are:
- Annual services
- Spring Clean up
- Summer Lawn services
- Fall Clean up services
- Winter Snow services
- Bed weeding
- Fertilization services
- Weed Control options
- Mosquito Control options

Garden Hose Sprinkler

Commercial Properties

Enhance your storefront

Keep your property in tip-top shape with our Seasonal services. Our team does it all, and is ready to provide complete attention to your every need. You can count on us to make sure you’re satisfied with the results.  
- Annual services
- Spring Clean up
- Summer Lawn services
- Fall Clean up services
- Winter Snow services
- Bed weeding
- Fertilization services
- Weed Control options
- Ice management options

Lawn Mowing


Large or small, we can look after them all.

Our custom Lawn Care services provide solutions for a variety of outdoor spaces. We cater to the needs and requirements of each and every client, guaranteeing you’ll get exactly what you want.  
Services available include:
- Spring Clean up
- Summer Lawn services
- Winter Snow services
- Fall Clean up services
- Bed weeding
- Fertilization services
- Weed Control options

Large Lawn

Condo Properties

Beautiful yards for everyone

When you work with us, you can expect reliability, timeliness and exceptional work. Services available are:

- Annual services

- Spring Clean up

- Summer Lawn services

- Fall Clean up services

- Winter Snow services

- Fertilization options

- Weed Control options

- Mosquito control options

Field from Above

Annual Services

Attention to Detail

Annual contracts include Spring clean-up, lawn maintenance, fall clean-up and snow removal for affordable rates.  Cost is broken down into 12 equal monthly payments which make budgeting easy.  Residential Annual contracts start at $159.00 per month (Small Property) Fertilization, Weed Control and Mosquito Control can also be added to your monthly cost at your request.

Man Mowing Lawn

Lawn Care

Lawn Maintenance

Our Lawn Care services provide solutions for a variety of outdoor spaces. Each week, your lawn will be cut at a height of 2-3 inches depending on moisture conditions, edges will be trimmed and sidewalks and driveways will have the clippings blown off.  Grass can be mulched or bagged, if you need the bags removed from the property, there will be an extra cost.  Weekly residential lawncare services start at $159.00 per month (Small Property) prices will vary depending on the size of your property.

Shovelling Snow

Snow Removal

Winter Maintenance

  • We will be there to remove snow from your property after any snowfall of 1cm or more.

  • Snow is  removed within 24 hours after snowfall stops.  If there is 10 or more centimeters of snow that falls it may take a bit longer, we do hire more people for these circumstances, but  it still takes a bit more time.

  • Snow will be removed from steps, sidewalks, and driveways.

*If snow falls December 25, snow will be removed next day.

Winter snow removal packages start at $169.00 per month.

spring cleanup.jpg

Spring Cleanups

Preparation for Summer

All Spring cleanups include: Power raking, Edging, Lawn cut and Trim, Complimentary Flower bed debris blown out (wood chip, mulched and pebble beds will not be blown out), All debris cleaned up and bagged, All bags left curbside

Debris can be removed from your property for an extra charge.

Our process: We power rake (dethatching), then blow out your flower beds where possible and then continue onto the lawn with our high power blowers to remove as much thatch and debris as we can and bag the debris. Last we will hand rake any areas that require extra care and then do a full cut and trim to leave your lawn ready for the summer ahead!

Aeration is also available either with a spring cleanup, or on its own.

Prices Starting at $179.00

Lawn Mower

Fall Cleanups

Get your yard ready for winter

All fall clean up packages include: 1 leaf clean up, 1 lawn cut and weed trim at a 2 - 2.5 inch cut level ( bagged ), Aeration, and edging of front drive and sidewalks everything bagged and left curbside.
Fall Clean up packages Start at $159.00 
*For an extra charge, we will remove the debris
We also do aeration without fall clean-ups.

Dandelion Seeds

Weed Control and Fertilization

We work hard all year to keep weeds from popping up in your lawn.

With your lawn’s nutrition in mind, we use a high percentage slow-release, granular fertilizer blended with the latest slow release technology. Our premium, golf course-quality mixture feeds your lawn by giving it a boost at the first application, and continually feeding it over the following few weeks to months (only when it needs it by releasing a small, steady amount of nutrients over time). Watering or rainfall aids release of the nutrients. This allows grass plants to feed for an extended period, rather than feast all at once and thus is more environmentally friendly.   
Our Weed control/Fertilization program includes season long fertilizer and broadleaf weed control. When you purchase a full program, you will receive a minimum of 5 visits. (3 fertilizer applications and 2 weed control applications) If you sign up for a package mid-season you may receive fewer visits.
In addition to weed control, you may want certain areas of your yard to be totally vegetation free. Rock beds, mulch areas, concrete and asphalt driveway and walkway areas, etc. can be chemically treated to eliminate all vegetation. We know just what, when and how much to apply for optimum outcomes for your vegetation project.
Our crews are trained and experienced to know exactly what, where and when to use when it comes to chemicals, so you get results you want.
Our programs are fully guaranteed, so if the results are not meeting your expectations, simply contact us and we will return at no charge and correct the issue. Guaranteed!
Full Programs Start at $199.00

Chemical Spraying

Mosquito Control

Reclaim your outdoor space.

Our service specifically targets the areas where mosquitoes live, rest, and hide. Prevent buzzing, biting and uninvited guests while protecting your family & pets from potentially dangerous bites. You can rest easy knowing that we stand behind our guarantee!  
Before treating your yard, one of our certified technicians will inspect your property and identify areas where mosquitoes are known to reside. Cool, shady places such as under decks, covered porches, exterior stairwells or in vegetation such as shrubs, low hanging trees and tall grass are common spots for mosquitoes to live, rest and hide. Standing water is also an attractive breeding ground for mosquitoes
We will then use specialized equipment to apply our liquid-based formula, strategically targeting mosquito hot spots. This application will create a barrier around your home that will prevent mosquitoes for up to 30 days.
We will treat your property monthly to provide you with season-long protection. We guarantee that our program will drastically reduce the mosquito population in your yard.  If you’re not 100% satisfied within the first 14 days of the application, we will re-treat your property at no charge.
Mosquito control program starts at $299.00 this includes 5 applications.

Pile of plugs of soil removed from sports field. Waste of core aeration technique used in


Health and Maintenance of your Lawn

Aeration reduces compaction, which means your lawn will utilize water better and you can say goodbye to puddles of water throughout the yard.
It opens your lawn and helps nutrient exchange. In other words, lawns will “breathe” better and be healthier for it.
Aeration encourages new growth from your existing lawn. New blades of grass will emerge from each opening, which thickens your lawn.
This process breaks down the thatch layer in your lawn. Thatch is filled with decaying roots and turf that make it difficult for water to penetrate.
Aeration can be helpful if you want to overseed your lawn and grow new grass, or types of grass, on top of your existing lawn.
Be sure to leave the cores on your lawn. Although leaving the cores might make your lawn look like a few dogs didn’t clean up after themselves, they return valuable nutrients to your roots, and usually disappear after a couple of cuttings.
Aeration is an important part of maintaining a healthy lawn because it thickens the turf and makes it difficult for weeds to grow. Then, you can sit back and enjoy the beauty that comes with a healthy bed of grass.  This should be done annually!
Aeration (without other services) starts at $50.00

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